We are offering you a free trial for tissue culture Philodendro Florida plant – a must for any collector who loves plants. TC plant is our new product line which meets variety needs of both nurseries and collectors. For more information about this project, share this blog and fill in the form, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Why are we offering free trials?

1. Use free trial before you buy

It’s not only a sample sent to you for test quality and shipment, but also experience our service in reality. A sample is necessary and also a short-cut to fully master the growing!

2. It is the first step that counts

Understanding the importance of experience may bring a higher proportion of successful growth for TC plants. Without experience and also facilities, it’s challenging work to your new area.

3. Give a run for your money

I believe our support can give you motivation and encouragement do develop your business. My pleasures to see you are officially out of the woods.

We are still looking for distributors of INDOOR VARIEGATED PLANT such as: Monstera Albo, Monstera Thai Constellation, Philodendron, etc. as our distributor in every state or nations.

Let’s make a deal with Xanh Xanh! Contact us here

Philo. Florida Beauty
Philo. Florida Beauty – Free Trial

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