One of leading pioneers in the seedling export in Viet Nam, striving to be the business in researching and plant development linked with market trends.

XANH XANH URBAN FOREST is a pioneer in seedling export in Vietnam, striving to be the business in researching and plant development linked with market trends.

In English, XANH means “Green,” a symbolic color of nature, which also represents our goal of a Green Generation!

Say no to exploitation of endangered species from nature, thanks to the advantages of our nature, a tropical environment all year round, and a commitment to each plant that grows is produced in the laboratory using modern breeding technology. We make every attempt to assist your company and consumers at a reasonable price.

We began working with numerous distributors from the United States, Canada, and China a few years ago, as we expanded our network of partners. Xanh Xanh’s distribution strategy is reaching every country, every collector, business, and nursery that is completely approaching our plants.

With a cutting-edge research infrastructure system and a high-quality manufacturing and export procedure, we guarantee an abundant and steady supply of our products.

Furthermore, following years of research on valuable and high demand indoor plants, we are now and will always fully master the breeding, selecting, and production of a variety of products such as: Monstera, Philodendron,etc.

With the goal of Green Generation, human resources include agricultural specialists with expertise in cutting-edge plant breeding and selection technology.

  1. The first thing Xanh Xanh offers you is the best pricing in the plant market, as well as a big chance to acquire a rare, distinctive, and hot plant.
  2. If you become one of our Partners, you will never see “Out of stock” on your website!
  3. Become a Partner, a member of the Xanh Xanh family, and you will receive Preference and Guarantee, as well as more opportunities to expand your network all over the globe.
  4. Xanh Xanh’s plant care and observation processing is the ideal method to assist your plant develop!